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February 29, 2012 - 4:37pm -- Carol Diehl
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Image by Banksy, of course.


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You have such a vivid memory. Mr. Hampton, 5th Grade I think it was. And I asked a lot of questions because I actually wanted to understand whatever it was he was talking about. So he got very involved trying to explain whatever it was to me when kablueee, the parafin pot exploded and how did our illustrious teacher respond? "Charles, this is your fault for asking too many questions." So you see, Hamp really was a jerk. But Carol's story seems even more damaging. Is it any wonder we don't want to revisit our childhoods? We still have all the wonderful memories of the happy times but we did pay for them. Anonymously Chuck Clifton

Thanks, Chuck, for the comment! It meant so much to me to finally see you again after all those years and to learn that I wasn't the only one traumatized by Hamp. Not to nit-pick, but but it was 6th grade. For 5th grade I had Miss Reese who, when I said I wanted to visit the Yucatan, said "Let's pick some place we've all heard of."

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